Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Athens, on the train
Α transparent sleeveless shirt and high-waist shorts are an obvious choice for a sexy and formal black&white look, when worn with high heeled ancle boots. Red lipstick and red envelope clutch are enough to spice up the two-coloured motif. The braided, fish-bone tail adds the final touch of playfulness.

Café au Bleu

Athens, Plaka
A hip buttoned up blue jean shirt makes an eye-catching contradiction with the light brown pair of trousers. The doeskin moccasins complete the blue-brown boyish ensemble that becomes girly in the pretty little details.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Athens, Kifissia
The boho style becomes an everyday outfit with a reversed pair of jeans with patch details. The silky shirt with ethnic motif adds a hippie influence together with the suitable accessories. The choice of slipper shoes that match the shirt colours are the perfect choice to unite the whole bohemian look splendidly.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Posh Check

Athens, Ampelokipoi
Proof that a check shirt suits any occasion. The white blazer tones down the multicolor canvas along with the bf reversed light blue jeans A pair of purple pumps and a bag to match take the look to a higher posh level.

Sexy Grunge

Athens, Ampelokipoi
A tight black mini dress makes a grunge statement when combined with leathern flat boots. The mesh pantyhose and red lipstick prove that a grunge look can be feminine enough for a night out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edgy Girl

Athens, Glyfada
Biker boots paired with jeans shorts can keep your style edgy. The emroidering lace at the bottom of the shorts make the outfit more playful and girly. A loose blouse and a big handbag set you right on the streets to ...ride them.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Cat Prints

Athens, Glyfada
Jean shorts are always a quick&stylish choice. Add a leopard,smock shirt and you have a marked look. A pair of canvas flat shoes manage to calm the printed leo loudness.

Autumn calling

Nuremberg, centre
Spicing up fall outwear with colored skinny jeans. Doc boots upgrade almost any outfit to fashionable grunge. A double breasted short coat keeps her warm.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Everyday class

Athens, Kifissia
A carefree but classy look with comfy pants, loose, sparse-stripped blouse and nude ballet flats.A black leather handbag is a classic choice.

Winter Candy

Nuremberg, centre
The sunny side of winter. Tight blue jeans fit perfectly with a loose oversized sweatshirt
and fur vest. The colorful accessories make this grey-blue-black winter outfit look "summery". The flower printed sunglasses bring some sun in the cold.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shorts n' Roses

Athens, Evelpidon av.
Pretty in blue, black and orange. A casual outfit for a sunny day. Bonus for the socks that match the jerkin.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hallo Pin Up!

Nuremberg, centre
A very feminine side of winter. The use of light colored accessories and lipstick creates the right contrast with the dark colored dress and boots. Thumbs up for the hair updo with the headband to match the scarf.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Looker Limited edition : John Lennon

The Looker celebrates John Lennon's 72nd birthday with limited edition items.
Get the tee or the tote bag, with John Lennon's famous saying "Time you Enjoy Wasting was Not Wasted" and the unique design of The Looker, for only 10 euros each.

For further info on the designs and items, please contact us: thelooker2012@gmail.com 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Looker's Look: John Lennon

Today the world "celebrates" the 72nd birthday of  John Lennon and it is only fair that we pay tribute to this legendary iconic figure.

The "head" of the Beatles is still an inspiration to music, culture, the arts and of course, fashion.

Which are those designs and items that, inspired by the most influential "beatle" find room in our closets today, leaving his mark in the world?

The Chelsea Boots

 "Beatle Boots" aka modified Chelsea boots (complete with elastic ankle upper) with a Cuban heel and pointy toe. Rumor has it that Lennon saw a pair of Chelsea boots in London in 1961.

 After a while, the band dropped their "rockabilly" look for a new image of "clean", black&white suits. Until today the "Chelsea boots" represent the classy expression of a rock n' roll image, much like the Beatles themselves...

The Militia garment

"It’s very funny, I was in the German Airport, I had an American Army mac on and a guy came up and said, I just got out of the Army in Vietnam and if you’d like these clothes I’d love to give them to you, ‘I said alright’, and he sent me all these Army clothes in the post, A few years ago it was.” – John Lennon – September 11, 1971
The second most famous item worn by Lennon in the cover of "Live in NY", definately symbolizes this great man's believes. Synonymous to the end of the war in Vietnam , he used it along with his campaign:  "The War is over"", he wore it in many of his photoshoots and personal moments. Today, the original item, is on display in the John Lennon Museum in Japan.

Vintage, long sleeve, military fatigue style garments have not only survived since Lennon first established them, but are making quite a comeback in this year's trends.

The NY T-shirt

When Bob Guen (photographer) asked Lennon to wear a 5$ t-shirt he had bought from the streets, for the needs of a photoshoot back in 1974, he could hardly imagine that this cheap piece of clothing would mark history permanently... 

The photo, then taken for the needs of an album cover, was used to create a vigil in Central Park for the fans to mourn, after his sudden death. Today the famous t-shirt, is replicated thousands of times and remains a symbol of "becoming a New Yorker", the same way Lennon did until he died. 

The Round "Lennon" Glasses

John Lennon's optometrist has shared a story about him and his insisting on wearing glasses 
"Several long-time patients fondly remember encountering John in my office, offering advice on the frames they were trying on. One patient recalls trying on contact lenses when John’s voice surprised him from behind: “I tried to wear them, but the only way I could keep them in my bloody eyes was to get bloody stoned first!”
The strongest among all symbols, also named after him, the round Lennon-glasses, never go out of fashion and catch our eye instantly, whether on the streets, on a webpage, or a window.

IMAGINE what it would have been if this guy could wear lenses....

Walking on sunshine!

Athens, centre
A floral printed blouse and a very feminine high-waist jeans. The classic "wayfarer" sunglasses do the job of completing her free-spirited look along with that oldie, knitting fringe bag.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Light Blue Colar

Athens, Ermou str.
Reverse jeans and light blue shirt put together an allday, morning-to evening look. Extra points for the belt knot and the high buttoned colar.

Knit it.

Athens, centre
Knitting skirt, knitting orange blouse, a leathern back-pack, gladiator sandals and stylish round sunglasses put together this greek-european style.

Earth Signs

Athens, Ermou str.
This pale-colored ensemble suits perfectly with a hot sunny morning. Combination of white-pink-purple and the brownish bag showcase the earthy look of comfort.

Gipsy Queen

Athens, Ermou str.
A colourful and mixed-up look works for her. Loud and strong but effortless. The "hippie" jewls and leopard shoes put together her gipsy style with an oversized leathern back-pack that works wonders.

Little Green dots

Athens, Syntagma square
The manly pair of shoes with a classically girly look of the polka dots T-shirt delete any contradiction. 

Stylish shopping

Athens, Ermou str.
Α golden necklace upgrades this comfy and summery ensemble. The hair updo is the final touch of elegance.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Easy chic

Athens, centre
Grey reverse leg pants and  pale blue shirt can never miss. Extra bonus for the loafers.

The bf Jeans elegance

Athens, Voukourestiou str.
Her comfy bf jeans, a loose black T-shirt, and her feet feeling free with a pair of ballet flats, she is ready to wander around the streets on a Saturday morning... 

She is a lady

Athens, centre
This girly, blue, printed button-down dress - so characteristic of the preppy style. Canvas shoes and canvas tote bag create a carefree look for the streets. Braided hair approved too.

She comes in colors

Athens, Ermou str.
Feels like the modern '60s... A tunic and bag in intense colours bring life to the city. Boho-chic leather gladiator sandals. The Lenon-glasses complete the look magnificently 

Bonjour mademoiselle!

Athens, Ermou str.
A classic french mariniere T-shirt combined with a pleated, navy high-waisted skirt...This parisian look becomes more sophisticated with a tabac cross-body bag. Bravo.
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